coat thickness measuremen


A decisive quality parameter for all coatings is the layer achieved thickness. For the reason it is continuously monitored during the production process and the results of the measurements are documented.

For this purpose, different devices are available each version at least two times. This ensures continuous monitoring even when the device fails. In addition, documented statistical evaluations of the regular tests show a consistent quality. It goes without saying that all our devices have a regular inspection equipment monitoring.

Cross cutting tests determine how good the coating adheres to the substrate.
As the picture above shows sharp blades are used to add grid-like cuttings on the coating down to the base material.

Corrosion Tests

  • condensed water / constant climate testing
  • salt spray test
  • alternating climate test

We always strive for customer satisfaction as it is the core piece of our corporate philosophy.

To ensure your satisfaction, we promise you:

  • a high quality of all coatings
  • a high degree of reliability as well as
  • a fair pricing policy.

Our quality management works with a QMS using a QM-manual as well as procedure-, work- and testing-instructions.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and is therefore a top priority. It is also, not least, the high quality of all coatings as well as our reliability and a fair pricing policy which lead to that.

These requirements are defined in our integrated management system, consisting of the QM manual, the procedure-, work- and testing-instructions and several other documents.

TAS’ continued focus on the quality assurance and an integrated environmental management is documented in the certification according to IATF 16949:2016.

An integral part of our quality concept is an accurate coordination of all quality-influencing parameters plus their constant monitoring.
As well as:

  • a complete documentation of all production steps and process parameters from incoming goods to delivery
  • continual inspection of all production processes
  • specific test plans and work instructions for each individual product
  • the punctual delivery according to pre-determined dates